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Anveo no outbound calls

Started by Perk, June 06, 2014, 06:05:16 PM

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I just signed up for Anveo and had my land line number ported.  I can receive calls, but having problems with outbound calls.  I call my cell and it works.  Any other number rings without answering (including my work phone with an answering service).  I went through the troubleshooting steps and input my area code.  Still no success.  Does anyone have any ideas?


If you log into the Anveo website do you see any outgoing calls in the list other than your cell phone?

If you call your work phone from your cell phone I assume the machine answers?


Yes, I see outbound calls in the list.  I don't have my cellphone setup with Anveo.  When I call my work phone (and other phones) with my cell phone I do get an answer.  Just got a message from Anveo CS who suggested un checking SIP ALG on my Arris router.  I did this, and there is no change.


Well, Anveo CS said is router issue because audio was received by Anveo (and recorded correctly) but it did not reach my SIP device connected to Anveo through the router.   He then recommended connecting my OBI device directly to the modem bypassing internet router and make a test call.  I did so made a call.  It rang and then there was a tone with a message that the number you have dialed has not received a response from the service provider.


If I read your response correctly, you have a problem with the router and one with Anveo. Well, for the router, if the firewall is creating a problem, you can fix the IP address of the Obi and setup a port forwarding rule with the firewall. Make sure the IP address you pick is outside the DHCP range of the router.

You shouldn't need to do this but you effectively bypass the router's protections which is not needed for the Obi.