affected by heartbleed bug ??

Started by st167, April 09, 2014, 05:47:40 PM

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Looks like is affected by heartbleed bug.
I'm no expert in all these but any idea if it's true or not? and if yes, then I hope OBi people are working to fix it.

Time to change password !  :'(


Bump for this. Simple bot testing I did a few minutes ago shows was at least patched, but we need an official response to your question.

If it was effected and patched, but the private keys were not revoked and reissued, then updating to fix CVE-2014-0160 is almost meaningless as the private keys may already be in the wild (meaning complete security breech in perpetuity till certs revoked and reissued). So Obihai needs to tell us if it was effected and, if so, whether they have completed all the steps necessary to fix.


Any official word on this from Obihai/obitalk?
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