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configuration file for Italy?

Started by antani1971, November 22, 2015, 11:52:35 AM

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Hi *,

does anybody know about a possible configuration file for Italy?

I have done some work in the past to adjust the configuration for Italian PSTN line, and everything works  more or less, apart from the Calling Line Identifier, which intermittently fails. This is still unsolved and does not allow me to bridge that telepests to another call center :-)



Quotedoes anybody know about a possible configuration file for Italy?

I don't think such a file exists for Italy.

If the CallerID is being received and detected by the OBi110, then it will show here:
Status > PHONE & LINE Status > Line Port Status > LastCallerInfo
If it appears here and not in Call History, then the problem is with how the OBi110 is processing the CallerID message.

There's only a few settings that make a difference to Caller ID (or CLI) detection. I think most of Europe (except Nordic countries) uses:
Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > Port Settings > CallerIDDetectMethod: FSK(V.23)

The next question is when the Caller ID is sent. In the UK where I am it is sent before the first ring. If in Italy it is sent after the first ring, then this setting becomes relevant:
Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > LINE Port > RingDelay
The RingDelay gives the OBi time to process the CallerID before it routes the call to the Phone Port or other terminals. It may be worth trying longer settings, but that does increase the delay in ringing the phone.

If other devices are connected in parallel on the PSTN line with the OBi110, they might be causing some distortion to the CallerID data stream.