'Unlimited'...meh. (One man's GV replacement thoughts.)

Started by vtsnaab, April 18, 2014, 01:21:47 PM

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Having spent alot of time studying - reading - calling, and so on - I want to share what I've found as well as my thoughts of disgust regarding the horrid 'Unlimited' krapola spread around so thickly by some providers.

'Unlimited' is NOT a number - not ANY number - and that's just simple, plain english.

One 'plan' I considered was the PIAF deal from Vitelity - which has gone to no decent efforts to detail their offerings at their site - and:
They also apparently think that unlimited = 4000 inbound minutes.
Wrong answer.
Vitelity also offers (in their 'Unlimited' plan...) ZERO outbound minutes, which always cost .0144/minute.
Ultimately this boils down to most calls being paid rather than included, which does away with any possible advantage in using their 3.99/month special PIAF pricing.

Therefore - for this guy - it's natch on Vitelity.

Future-Five and VOIP.MS are each around $5/month and though Future-Five did use that same verbiage (much to the consternation of some users here...), their rep did come clean about it - and I think theirs is the best offer right now.

It -IS- certain that there are a great many offers in play and one can spend alot of time wading through them (as I have done).

After all that effort in studying what is offered, a generous flat-rate plan is most attractive to me and I would rather give the small guys a chance pretty much any day than to go with the glitzy big guys.

Best Wishes to All !!