Anveo in Canada... any thoughts?

Started by threehappypenguins, April 21, 2014, 08:42:47 AM

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Are there any Canadian Anveo users? I live in Nova Scotia, and I signed up for Anveo. However, I found out really quickly that I cannot dial 811 or 311. 811 is for our telehealth service ( and 311 is our city's information line ( Both are important... 811 is EXTREMELY important. If we are in a situation where we need to decide on going to the emergency room or not, we are able to speak with a telehealth registered nurse by calling 811. Because we want to make sure it's REALLY an emergency so that we don't wait 9 hours for nothing (it's about a 6-9 hour wait in Canadian emergency rooms). My husband has health issues, so we use this service A LOT.

I called Anveo and let him know that this service is not working (even though they offer Halifax, Nova Scotia numbers). He told me to just call the corresponding number for 811. I told him that this is not possible and that I've argued with telehealth before asking them to make this number available again. They said they can't since they want to offer the service only to Nova Scotians. I also told him 311 wasn't working either. I requested that they offer this service, or else I will be forced to cancel.

Is there anyone else that was in the same situation (in a different Province)? Did they listen to your request and offer that kind of service?

Does anyone have any other ideas of another service provider I can use? I am currently with TheSpout, but I'm always evading people's incoming calls and calling them back through Freephoneline to keep the cost down (I have an Ontario number through freephoneline). doesn't port Halifax numbers, and I used to have AcroVoice but I found they weren't cheap enough for my cheapiness (though they have excellent customer service).

I have Google Voice right now as well (just for outgoing) to fill in the gaps that freephoneline doesn't fill for certain calling areas, but I'm going to be losing that. So that's why I'm shopping around. I'm also shopping around for my in-laws. My mother-in-law makes and receives phone calls to and from the US all the time (she is American, but lives up here) and since they're losing their Google Voice service, this is making their search for a cheap, unlimited plan a big pain in the butt. Phone Power doesn't offer anything east of Quebec. :(

Mango offers 311, 511, and 811 if you're using a Canadian server.  As a bonus, they're toll-free (though probably require a positive account balance.)

If you wish, set up as a Voice Gateway on your OBi so that you can continue to use Anveo for your ported Halifax number.


Quote from: threehappypenguins on April 21, 2014, 08:42:47 AM doesn't port Halifax numbers
:( would work for me (if they would port my number), but they certainly wouldn't work for my mother-in-law. She uses like, 3,000-4,000 minutes a month (she talks on the phone all day calling various people while multi-tasking, cleaning, etc).


Besides, I would never go with again.

I put $25 in my account, purchased a DID (they offer Halifax DID's but don't port them), and wanted to test it out while I debated whether or not to go with or to stay with my current SIP provider at the time. Well, I decided to go with TheSpout (I just discovered them) since they port Halifax numbers, and I kept forgetting to cancel my DID I decided "Oh well, I'll just let the balance run out", because the terms states, " provides prepaid service only; therefore you must keep a positive balance at all times. Make a payment before your balance reaches zero in order to avoid service interuption(sp?)."

I find that rather misleading because according to Ed Ramirez (a service agent that I spoke with at "You are correct, our service is prepaid, but when you acquired a DID number with us, it comes with a monthly fee, this monthly fee is charge to your account regardless you use it or not."

I had multiple email correspondences with Tom Aguayo, Ed Ramirez and Arthur Castro; they all refuse to clear the balance on our account. It's only $5.75. So I've been getting emails for the last few months every day from them telling me to pay. They're ridiculous. They were misleading and need to clear my account. I even contacted Steve Poirier (the president) and he wouldn't get back to me.

Also, they don't offer 811 & 311 (I told them and they just said that they were "working on it"); which is another reason why I had decided to stay with my previous SIP provider. But then I found TheSpout which works for now.