Seeking suggestion for new VOIP provider

Started by Albo23, April 30, 2014, 09:18:28 AM

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I gave an Obi100 to some family overseas and it is setup with GV.  As GV is ending for Obi, I need help finding a new VOIP provider. 

Can I get some suggestions of which VOIP providers have the lowest rates to USA (they only call to USA) and would work with Obi100?  A provider with stability and longevity would be nice as well.

Thank you kindly for your suggestions.


If I understand correctly what you're asking, if you have a US provider, no matter where in the word your obi is located it will think it's in the US.  So any US provider should be fine.  You want to look at the rates for incoming and outgoing calls, and whether you want a calling plan or pay by the minute.


Good point about US provider.  You may want to look at CircleNet.  They have very low rates.


Aren't obi to obi calls free.  If you both have obis you don't need a voip.


The best is to try Obi-Obi if both endpoints have Obi.
However, if they dial multiple U.S Numbers I can recommend LocalPhone.  I use them and they charge 0.5cents a minute to most U.S numbers. I have also used CallWithUs in the past. Both of them have good call quality. However, they are quality as seen from within the U.S. The call quality in your case may be different due to network latency etc.