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Switched to Phone Power today (Google Voice before)

Started by kevmeist, May 02, 2014, 08:46:56 AM

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I tried to keep SP1 as GV and use SP2 as the Phone Power connection. My reasoning was to keep the GV active until the Phone Power was working OK. This just did not seem to work. I "chatted" with Phone Power for a while and eventually just overrode SP1 and the "resynced" the Obihai 202 that I have. Maybe this is mentioned somewhere on the Obihai website, but though that this experience might help some others as Google Voice XMPP protocol goes away as of May 15th 2014.



I decided, after thinking about it, that I was using Google Voice only for incoming calls. The VOIP plan I chose included plenty of minutes, and outgoing caller ID works properly with them, so that had already become my preference for outgoing calls.

Since I'm only using Google Voice for incoming calls, I tried forwarding to my VOIP provider account's number, rather than to Google Chat. It works fine, perhaps even a bit better than Obi/XMPP.

So I've removed GV from my Obi, and filled the empty slot with a second, cheap plan to have as an alternative.  My GV number still rings through (forwarded to the new number, which I don't tell anyone), the way it used to, and though outgoing calls aren't going through GV, people at the other end only notice that the CallerID is correct.

We're going to have to take GV/XMPP out of our Obi's soon anyway, I just figured I might as well get things set up and tested beforehand.