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FreelyCall=> yet another provider for the transition ??

Started by vtsnaab, May 02, 2014, 08:24:20 AM

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MacOverAll posted some wonderfully interesting info in the CircleNet thread here - thanks for that !!

As a result of reading that posting I have visited and checked through the site at and it looks enticing.

The posting by MacOverAll that I refer to is here=>

Quote from: MacOverAll on May 01, 2014, 10:16:00 PM
BTW... here are my initial thoughts on a GV "route" change for my OBIHAI usage., web site is simple, managment UI, simple, but you know what, if you're making phone calls, how important is the web UI?
Given the implosion of XMPP shuttering the door over at Google Voice, I sought out a hopefully reliable, great audio quality, pay for what-you-really-need provider. GV still has hands-down best spam/telemarketing control.
To that end, I'm using CircleNET for the only service they provide: outbound calls. And GV -> FreelyCall ->ObiHai  will be for inbound. latency not a problem with the top-tier routes between broadvoice and FreelyCall even with FreelyCall's Frankfurt, Germany (at least from what I can tell on routes) SIP server.
**I truly believe that by CN focusing on outbound, they do it better than most for less than all that I've seen so far.**
That said, this is "early-on" for the "unbundled" VOIP for me, so I've got a lot to learn and will hopefully learn more, but CN reflects great values, even as simple as finding ways to get low to no cost calls for public servants that are separated from their families by distance and months-years at a time.
Service is non-contract, pre-paid via PayPal, they offer a $2 credit to "try on their 20 dimes". So far the 75 minutes have all been more clear than the Google Voice calls and would have only cost $0.30. 
Why pay more for phone service, with a little work, find the best incoming provider(s) GV +FC and so far best outgoing  (FC is, they offer free WA, USA DIDs w/ free incoming minutes, manual implementation, but friendly/efficient service all things equal)

In the above I see where it says:
"GV -> FreelyCall ->ObiHai  will be for inbound"
As well as
"...with the top-tier routes between broadvoice and FreelyCall"
So therefore I wish to ask for more details of how this setup is being done, please ??

Also, if this is about forwarding a GV # to Freelycall to an Obi box, please tell me=>
Is it doing so in a timely manner so as to avoid the GV VM pickup entirely ??
(I ask because one of my forwardings right now goes through IPKall and it is hit-or-miss whether it skips the google VM as I would prefer it to...)

Having a free WA USA DID might be OK, and I also see that Freelycall's other DID offerings are not as affordable as or even Localphone, so that is a consideration to be mindful of.

Thanks for any additional info !!!


Yes! I would like further elaboration as well! Thanks!!