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Dialing Delay on Outgoing!

Started by Northern.Bob, February 03, 2011, 01:11:26 PM

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I should know this but I don't.  :-[ Coming from an ata 3102 I find OBi's dialing codes to be very opaque.

The problem is, there is around a 10 sec. delay between pressing the last digit and the unit actually dialing the number. Yes, I know I can press # to get it to dial faster but I'd want to change the dialing plan to do this automatically.

Andy help on where to change this behavior would be appreciated.

Bob M.


Put this in the outbound dial plan of you route.

I believe this is one way to do it:
xx.<#> – Adds a # to the end of any number with 1 or more digits (P98 of the manual). This will dial immediately. Insert it into your own dial plan.

I think this is another way:
S, S0, S1, S2, ...S9 - Digit timer of 0, 1, 2, ...,9 seconds respectively
This can be configured to delay with the seconds you choose

The manual explains better.
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Thanks. I've tried that and it helped a bit tho there is still a 4-5 second delay. I guess that's impossible to avoid as it's likely the OBi parsing the rules before dialing.