Will this work to simulate Google Voice support

Started by Dave02, May 07, 2014, 09:41:03 PM

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Go into settings, and select the "Phones" tab.
Select "Add another phone"
Enter your new provider's number.
Select "Show Advanced Settings"
Under "Direct access to voicemail when calling your Google number from this phone?" select "Yes" and PIN not required.
Adjust other settings to taste.
Save the settings.

Now if the ObiHai can be configured to use a custom dialing prefix, you should be able to dial out from your GV number doing something similar to how we used to have to customise modem dialing strings:

So to call 816-555-1212 you'd need the number to be dialed as follows:   <your gv number>,2,8165551212

where the , represents a short 1-2 second pause.

Just wondering if this is possible.  I don't know anything at all about VOIP, so I could be way off base.


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This can not be done in quite the way you hoped.  Putting pauses in the outbound sip request can not be done on the OBI.  Pauses are needed.  I did this a while back.  It can only be done on the Obi110 (the Obi20X series with Obiline adapter can NOT do this) and even then there are some limitations.  Only the FXO port on the OBI110 is capable of using pauses when dialing out.  The FXO port must be connected to another ATA, POTS line, or it's own Phone port but if you connect it to it's own phone port then you have no place to connect an actual phone.  So then you need to use a soft phone, PBX, or ATA to place a call.

I did this with a Magic Jack and an OBI110 in my test.  In theory a "line powerd phone auto dialer" would also work but it did not work for me.  It's possible the auto dialer I got was defective or used the incorrect DTMF standard.

Quote from: giqcass on March 26, 2014, 03:44:40 AM
This trick only seems to work for the Obi110.  It does not appear to work with the Obi20x series with obiline adapter.  When Making a call through your POTS telephone service or when using a device like Magic Jack or nettalk Duo connected to an Obi110 you can spoof your Google Voice number by calling your Google Voice number dialing 2 and then dialing the number.  On the Obi110 this can be automated.

In the following example you would replace 14195551212 with your Google Voice number.  This was a simple proof of concept design.  Improvements can be made but this is tested and working.  You would want to make changes to properly route 911 and to cover other dialing patterns.  This String requires direct no pin access to your GV account however it can be modified if using a pin.

Physical interfaces
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Phone Port
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OutboundCallRoute  Set to the following

Note: There is going to be a delay between dialing a number and the phone ringing.  That is a necessary part of the process. You can adjust the number of commas in the string to decrease the delay but this is the minimum reliable number in my tests.
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