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Adding new Anveo SIP service if you have an existing E911 account.

Started by kaborka, May 11, 2014, 12:34:57 PM

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Here's a guide to switching an Obi from GV to Anveo if you already have Anveo as your E911 provider on SP2. I've seen several postings on this issue, so I thought I'd post what I did. I  did it wrong the first time, too.

It is not necessary to create a new Anveo account if you already have one (e.g.,  E911).  Here's what I did to add a NEW Anveo number to my Obi:

  • Delete GV from SP1, Delete Anveo E911 from SP2.
  • Click on Approved Service Providers, then on Anveo.
  • Select your Obi and SP1.
  • Click the option to create a NEW account. Do NOT click "Reprovision existing account". There is an option later to login to your Anveo E911 account. (This is the confusing part!)
  • On the Anveo landing page, select your plan and follow the steps.
  • Be sure to log into your existing (E911) account when it asks.
  • You have to re-enter your E911 info, set the CID spoof#, and pick the location for the new DID#.
  • Pick the extra balance to add, if desired. Pay with Paypal (pay as guest if you don't have a PP account).
  • Anveo will email you the new#.
  • Return to the Obi portal. You will now see "Obi Anveo" in SP1. Edit the settings to set it as the primary SIP, AND to use for E911.
  • Test the new Anveo # for originating and receiving calls on your Obi -- you will need to receive a verification call in the next step.
  • Go to GV and add the new Anveo DID as a forwarding number. Uncheck Google Chat unless you use it online.
  • If you want to keep using the GV voicemail, go to your Anveo account and edit the default Call Flow to lengthen the VM delay to 45 sec or more (it defaults to 25 sec when it was created).

GV forwards  to my Anveo# just fine. CQ is excellent.  The Anveo CSR I spoke to recommended porting, as some folks have had problems with GV forwarding completion and CQ, so maybe I'm lucky.

BTW, you do not get any credit for your remaining time on your old E911 service.