Anveo and GV Port In - Wait Time?

Started by Schaefer, May 15, 2014, 06:01:17 AM

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Hi all.  I guess I make a mistake and waited until the last minute to port my GV number to Anveo.  It has now been a couple of days since I started the porting process.  It says on Aveo's website that GV numbers take less than an hour for the process to complete.  Well, GV did it's part and now the number is now longer available and my status with Anveo still says, "Submitted".  I put in a ticket with Anveo and I'm assuming that I am not going to get a response back until after everything is completed.  I'm without my phone number right now and it would be really nice to get it back.  Is there anyone else out there that is still waiting for their number to be ported in and if you did get yours completed, how long did you have to wait for this to be completed?

I know now that I should have just forwarded my GV number for now, but can't seem to click the Undo button.

Thanks in advance.


Call the number and see what rings.  Usually the old location works, then the new location works, without a "nothing works" period.  Often an inbound call may go one place and an outbound call only work from the other during porting.


So, right now when I call my ported number, I don't get anything.  No ringing.  Just silence.  Now, I'm assuming that the phone that shows up with my account is a temporary number (613 area code).  When I call from my phone, the caller id matches my "temp" account number.  However, if I were to try to call that number, some lady picked up the phone where I immediately had to apology for calling the wrong number. So, apparently, I can't really use that number until my porting is completed.