Is anyone cut off from GV yet?

Started by mo832, May 15, 2014, 08:34:43 AM

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dcuste,  Yes, I'm seeing the same issue.  This does not affect Google Voice.

See: OBiTALK Community > General Support > OBiTALK Web Portal > Obitalk Portal shows "Offline"

I see the same issue on my 3 OBi devices,  the devices are shown offline and SP1 on all 3 devices shows offline.   Status is still good at "" and at "Vestalink" and on the ADMIN Web display for each of the devices.  And most important the devices are still handling calls.

My OBi DevicesOBi   Number   Speed Dial    Status

OBi202 Main - VestaLink,, GV   500 xxx zzzz    Offline
SP1    Home1 ph1,2 sp1 VestaLink   Offline
SP2    Home# ph1,2 sp2 GglVoice
SP3    Home2 ph1,2 sp3
SP4    vOFc #3 Ph2 sp4 x1024

Obi100 vOFc Ph4, GV     300 xxx zzzz   Offline
SP1    vOFc #3 ph4 sp1 x1041    Offline
SP2    vOFc# ph4 sp2 GglVoice

OBi110 Home Ph3, GV       200 xxx zzzz    Offline
SP1    Home2 ph3 sp1 x1031    Offline
SP2    Home# ph3 sp2 GglVoice

The displayed Status was working at ~ 01:00 AM MDT.


All is good now. I'm guessing the whole system crashed yesterday and the offline status was just a hangover part of that glitch. Who knows, but both SP1 and SP2 show connected. I also updated my firmware to build 4350 and that when smoothly and seems to be working as well. Life is good again. I'm thinking I'll just hang tight until GV goes away, unless somebody tells me for sure that I'm going to lose the GY forwarding to my cell number feature. 



Good to know that "All is good now" for you.  The OBiTalk incorrectly displaying "OFFLINE" issue has cleared for me also and appears to be stable once again.

I'm leaving Google Voice configured on SP2 of my 3 OBi devices until it quits working.  I continue to use Vestalink on SP1 for my Home phone service and for my "Virtual Office" phone service. 

I only use Google Voice as a phone call control and forwarding service, but I regularly make an outgoing Google Voice test call just to see it it's still working.


Yes it's all good now. I bet most Obi users didn't even notice the problem. If you didn't visit the Obi portal (Dashboard) you wouldn't even know the Obi went berserk the past several hours.