Vestalink - No Devices Connected

Started by aopisa, May 15, 2014, 02:35:46 PM

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I set up my Obi 100 using the Vestalink web portal about month ago. Today I noticed on the web page that it shows device not connected for both the Obi and the Cloud Softphone. Yet, I can make and receive calls from both.

I emailed Vestalink CS and they responded that my device may have become disconnected (which it isn't) and I should reboot it by unplugging the power cord. I did that and it still shows no connected devices and I still can make and receive calls.

I have Vestalink as my sole provider.

Any ideas? I think this may be the third strike for Vestalink. Getting pretty sick of all this small time crap form them.

Thank you.


The list doesn't do anything.   It just says "OBIHAI/OBi202-" and connected.  So other than not seeing that you're not missing out on any features or options by it showing the devices as not connected.


Ok, thanks. I thought there was more to it than that.