Phone Port Calling features should be the same as the Line Port

Started by QBZappy, January 30, 2011, 10:07:40 AM

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The Line Port has some really useful calling features. How do users get these features if they only have a SIP account and a phone connected to the Phone Port? Some other competing ATA's have these features on their SIP accounts. The Obi unit has even a few more call control features than the Grandstream ATA's. We could gain the ability to further process calls on the SIP accounts based on the controls these features offer.

Who needs a full blown PBX with these calling features activated on the SIP accounts. For simple needs the Obi has the potential for providing PBX like abilities. Of course it will never replace a full featured PBX for business. For a small business/home office or a home, some of these calling features is enough. This is in addition to the other features such as Callback and Google Voice. If you ever decided to add the ability to set up an IVR and upload recorded messages you truly would have a mini PBX. However I think that this product is not really meant to do this. At the moment it is an ATA on steroids.

Calling Features of the Line Port:
Parameter Name   Value   Default
CallForward Unconditional Enable   
CallForward Unconditional Number   
CallForward On Busy Enable
CallForward On Busy Number
CallForward On No Answer Enable
CallForward On No Answer Number
CallForward On No Answer RingCount
Anonymous Call Block Enable   
Do Not Disturb Enable
Bridged OutboundCall MaxDuration

Update: Seems you can already do this on the "Voice Services" page going to SP1 or SP2 Service page, as pointed out by obiliving
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