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Service Provider edit page shows old GV values on OBi202 after factory reset

Started by jiminalaska, May 25, 2014, 07:28:40 AM

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RE:  Service Provider edit page shows old GV values on OBi202 after factory reset

I'm a Google Voice refugee trying to move to on my OBi202.

I have done a factory reset (per "How do I perform a factory reset?").  I have reconnected the Obi to the DSL router and telephone.  I have access to **9 222 222 222.

I have re-added the Obi202 to OBiTalk (via the **5 xxxx phone number).  OBiTalk takes me through the approved service providers list.  I select "generic service provider".  "Generic Service Provider - OBi202" appears in the heading of the configuration page. 

I change the Configuration Name from the default "Google Voice Account" wording to "Flowroute" (any value could be entered).

I change the Service Provider Proxy and the Outbound Proxy Server to Flowroute's values ("").

I replace the User Name, which contained the old Google account name to my Flowroute user name.  I replace the old Google password with my Flowroute password.

I press "Submit".

"Configuration has been updated successfully." message is displayed at the top of the screen.  BUT the Configuration Name has been changed back to "Google Voice Account" and the User Name and Password have been reset to Google values!  <frown> 

Going to the OBi Dashboard, SP1 shows "Flowroute" with a status of "Connected".

Clicking on the SP1 link takes me to the SP1 service provider edit page -- the same page as the prior setup --, and the new Flowroute values are displayed for a fraction of a second and then replaced by old Google values!  [I have cleared the browser caches to insure that the values are not being displayed because of that; and I have tested this on three different browsers (IE, Firefox, Chromium).]

However, when I dial out (-- I'm presently using Flowroute only for outbound --), I can successfully make calls -- which are reflected on the Flowroute billing page.  -- So, the issue is not the setup per se, but old/erroneous configuration data that ObiTalk is displaying on the configuration page.

Question 1:  Since I did a factory reset and cleared browser caches, how/why are old Google values showing up at all? 

Question 2:  How can I get the new Flowroute data to be displayed?


If your OBi is registered on the OBiTALK portal and is set to allow configuration via the portal, then resetting the OBi to factory defaults will not hold for long. Once it gets back online and contacts the portal, whatever was configured there will be download to the device.

Delete the device from the portal, then perform the reset. Then add the device back into the portal if desired.
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Thanks for the suggestion, gderf, "Delete the device from the portal, then perform the reset."  I had reversed the steps (-- did the reset first and then reconnected to the portal).

Unfortunately, doing the steps in the correct order (-- delete, then reset --) didn't work either.

My further testing showed that after doing the steps in the correct order, when I re-added the OBi202 back to OBiTalk, the old (supposedly deleted) Service Provider #1 (SP1) GV information was propagated to all four SP slots.  After I updated SP1 to Flowroute, the Flowroute information was overlaid to the obsolete SP1 information on the webform!  (After extensive research, my hypothesis is that the old SP1 information was NOT deleted from the OBiTalk servers and when the device was re-added, the old SP1 information was downloaded from the OBiTalk servers into all four SP-slots -- and it became "sticky" -- that is, it couldn't be deleted from the display.)  However, despite the webform overlaying the Flowroute information with the old GV SP1 information, I could still make Flowroute outbound calls on SP1!

Because of the problem with old GV information overlaying Flowroute information in the SP1 slot, I decided to sign up for a account and test the SP2 slot with it.  (CircleNet also offers free sign-up and test credit.)  The same overlay problem occurred here -- the old GV config data was shown in OBiTalk, but I was able to successfully make outbound calls on my CircleNet account!

From the various forums, I read that other OBi device users have had mixed results in moving from GV to other VoIP carriers.  Some users have had no problems, others have had significant problems.  It appears that at the OBiTalk server there are two databases, and when users connect, there are configuration scripts which are run.  Additionally, OBi device memory and device firmware also are involved, and your local PC's browser cache can also provide misleading information.  The OBi staff are trying to address the problems as quickly as they can -- which means lots of script patches are being added to the system behind the scenes -- which may, or may not, cause other ripple-effect problems elsewhere.

To make a long story short, I wasn't able to resolve the problem of old GV configuration data being loaded onto my OBi after factory resets, et al.  However, I created a new OBiTalk account (using a different email address/username) and when I added the OBi202, I didn't have any old GV configuration data problems.

At this point in time, the OBi device is working correctly and my new OBiTalk account is correctly showing the configuration information -- except sometimes shows an incorrect status (such as "offline", even when I can make calls).   

Hopefully the experience of OBi device users will improve over time as the OBi staff resolves the various problems.  Until then, OBi users can expect some "bumps in the road."