Is our ISP/telco sabotaging obi?

Started by Islander48, May 27, 2014, 05:29:40 PM

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I am a small service provider with a handful of customers using Obi110. Lately several of the units started failing or only working intermittently.

Accessing the OBiTalk webpage has become extremely slow, reminding us of the days of dialup connections. This despite the fact that the internet speed has recently been upgraded to be faster. Two units I have just taken out of the box would register with OBiTalk but not go online. Another previously used unit would not download the information updated on OBiTalk.

What is happening? Could it be sabotage by big brother? How can I get around it?


The OBiTALK pages have been slow over the last day and a half. Everyone was seeing that. You are not alone and you are not being conspired against. And this is not the first time this has happened either.
Help me OBiHai PhoneOBi. You're my only hope.


I have a sneaking suspicion the intermittent Obitalk outages, server issues and the like over the last three months have been related to the integration of the Obihai preferred providers.  I detect a pattern and the latest outages are probably related to the upcoming integration.  Keep in mind as each new ITSP comes on board, Obihai's connection to their system and API's have to be fine tuned and troubleshooted as required. seems to differ from other ITSP's so it might require a little more work on Obihai's part for integration.  

Hopefully things settle down after is added to the portal in a little while.  That's my take on it at least.