Using obi with sipbroker, making free calls to UAE / Dubai.

Started by YASH, June 02, 2014, 10:41:13 AM

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 I have read a lot on sipbroker and still in confusion,..

I have  an obi202 in USA
and have relatives in UAE / Dubai, who have no US phone no. or any voip piece there.

Is there any way to talk to UAE/Dubai  via obi202 ( in USA )  and dilaing there on  landline / cell  ( using sipbroker or any other way ) for free?

Pray explain,.. the
step by step procedure using sipbroker. Thx.


1. Please do not ask the same question in two different places on the forum.

2.  The explanations you claim to have read are quite clear.

3.  Sipbroker is only relevant to making calls to VoIP end points.  It has no relevance to making calls to PSTN/POTS (ie non-VoIP) lines.

4.  If your OBi (or other SIP terminal) is connected to one of the ITSPs with a green tick on the list at then anyone with a POTS phone can reach you through one of the access numbers in the list at  In many cases that can be a local call which is cheaper than an international one.  However there do not appear to be any access numbers in UAE/Dubai.