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Trying to setup OBi110 with MyNetFone

Started by JohnGee, February 03, 2013, 01:30:16 AM

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Whatever I try, it has not worked yet.

I have posted some info on a web page if you are interested or have an Obi working with MNF.


I hope I can get this working.

As per my web posting, maybe you can spot something I have set wrongly, or have some other pearl of wisdom.





Problem solved.

Reading how others did have MNF and OBi110 working I began to look at the Telstra supplied ADSL modem. A Technicolor TG587n V3. Looking around the Aussie whirlpool forum, users suggested it was a piece of kr@p and had some 'locked-by' Telstra features.
I tried the various tips using telnet to get to those features but to no avail. Could not find a setting to disable ALG.

I bit the bullet and went and bought a Billion 7800n and once I connected to the Bigpond ADSL2 and rebooted the OBi110, everything began to work as expected.

JohnGee    ;D ;D ;D ;D