SIP account drops after 30sec or so

Started by beuris, May 10, 2011, 04:32:44 AM

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Every time i configure a SIP account it registers but in about 30 sec  Obi drop my connecting giving me this message
"Register Failed: No Response From Server"
I have already tried 3 diff providers and they all do the same.


OBi renews register about half-way before last registration expires. Default register expires is 60s, so every 30s the OBi sends a new REGISTER. What you are observing is that the first REGISTER is successful, but the subsequent ones failed to receive a response from the server.


Check if your router has a SIP ALG function. If yes, please disable that function on your router.
See if that can resolve the problem.

Otherwise, see if you can capture a debug log from the OBI for a few minutes after a reboot,
and email to Make sure to enable all the SIP messages when doing the capture.

Here are some information on how to get a debug log from the OBi.

If you have trouble doing this, just email and we can do that for you remotely.

Thank you.
OBIHAI Support Staff