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Hotline and Expert config?

Started by SonInLaw, July 12, 2014, 01:48:57 PM

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I have a couple unused Obi100s, so I want to use them to create a "hotline" (no dialing needed on the source endpoint) between homes in two different states, using the ObiTalk network (no POTS or SIPx used).  ("AAA" and "BBB" are replacing the actual endpoint Obi numbers below)

Source Obi100 = 300AAAAAA
Target Obi100= 300BBBBBB
No Sip service or POTS, just want to use the ObiTalk network

After reviewing the admin guide and a forum post, I've come up with this expert configuration within the Source Portal Dashboard

Physical Interfaces > PHONE > Phone Port
     DigitMap:  (<S0:300 BBB BBB>)
     OutboundCallRoute:  {300 BBB BBB}
     PrimaryLine:  OBiTALK Service

Please help, this doesn't work.  What am doing wrong?


Physical Interfaces > PHONE > Phone Port
    DigitMap:  (<S0:100>)
    OutboundCallRoute:  {100:pp(300BBBBBB)}

The "100" can be any string longer than 2 digits.


Another way:
Physical Interfaces > PHONE > Phone Port
     DigitMap:  (<S0:300BBBBBB>)
     OutboundCallRoute:  {300BBBBBB:pp}


Perfect - that did it, I'm in business - THANK YOU!

Why do I want a hotline?  My elderly parents-in-law, who live in another state, have a tendency to leave their landline off hook, then no one can reach them by phone.  By setting up an Obi100 with a dedicated inexpensive cordless phone at their home, I can place a voip call to their Obi100, using the Obitalk network (for zero cost) to tell them to recradle their landline handset.  This is so much better than calling one of their neighbors and asking them to check up on my parents-in-law

And, my parents-in-law can use their Obi100 (with dedicated cordless phone) as an emergency hotline (no dialing) to call my Obi100 if they become flustered or distressed. 

And, if circumstances change, I can remotely manage their Obi100 via the Obitalk Portal.  I love this solution.  THANKS AGAIN