Future Nine Not Working Most Times

Started by mnjeepmale, August 28, 2014, 10:22:32 PM

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Quote from: SteveInWA on September 10, 2014, 12:39:56 AM
The very notion that someone would spend so much time dissing his competitors and bragging about his superiority.....

Companies that are going to survive realize that for better or worse you need to hire propaganda (I mean marketing) experts who know how to spin without explicit dissing/bragging.  Those that do not learn that lesson are doomed to fail.  There is a reason that engineers/scientists are not allowed to talk to people.


Look what showed up this morning:


Based on my cancellation/refund experience (been almost two months, account still not cancelled, no refund given), and the subpar quality of both the website and service while I was using them, I'd recommend people pass.

Fortunately, I never ported out of GV and am only out $20 (well, $35 if you count the $15 cancellation fee that should have been charged).  Overall, the obi110 has worked out very well for me.  Live & learn.

edit: Yay, received notification of a $20 refund (ugh, paypal) this morning.


You have had better luck than I.  I am out $135, and Nitzan even promised to refund my money on DSLReports.  That was only yesterday, so it could still happen.


Quote from: Mango on September 08, 2014, 05:27:12 PM
The topic was started by a user with a configuration issue, so the subject isn't related to today's DNS issue.  My guess is the OP had a problem with his router.  He hasn't been back, so hopefully that means the firmware upgrade solved the problem.

There was no server crash (customers were able to make/receive calls if they registered to a server's IP address).  At the moment, no evidence of an attack.  Apparently their DNS provider erroneously suspended their account.

I did replace the router with another Netgear model. I also made the changes suggested in this thread to the router.
Service is a bit better. Most calls connect but there is an occasion where the calls will not go through. But it's way better then it was.

We paid for 1 year of service to Future Nine until April 2015. At that time we are thinking about porting back to GV since it's free.