Faxing Fails with latest firmware

Started by AllenW, September 12, 2014, 09:49:52 AM

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You don't need a Callcentric DID to forward a fax from GV to CC. You can send it with a SIP URI to your Callcentric account number without *72.

Voice Services -> SP3 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute:

17771234567 is your CC account number.
SP2 must be defined as a SIP trunk.

In CC setup a Call Treatment to route 17771234567 to the Fax Service.


Note, my faxing now seems to be working since I set the baud rate to 9600 on my fax modem driver.


I got everything working.  What I did:
1.  In Obi expert config, there are two star code profiles, A & B.  By default, Code7 and Code8 (*72 and *73 respectively) operate on all SP's simultaneously.  I edited profile A so Code7 and Code8 operate only on SP1, then edited profile B so Code7 and Code8 operate only on SP2.
2.  In Obi expert config, there are two physical phone interfaces, Phone 1 and Phone 2.  My cordless phone is SP1 and Phone 1, my fax machine is SP2 and Phone 2.  By default, both phone interfaces specify StarCodeProfile A under Calling Features.  I edited Phone 2 to specify StarCodeProfile B.
That's it - now I can pick up the handset on my fax machine, dial *72[CC fax DID]#, and all incoming calls to my legacy fax number (now GV) are forwarded to my CC fax DID.

Ianobi: My solution doesn't have any provision for SP3/SP4.  I'll try your trunk format if I ever have a need for SP3/SP4.

Azrobert: I have multiple CC DIDs but want to call forward only one specific DID.