911 refused to confirm any information during test call

Started by Drew1340938702, September 14, 2014, 06:08:09 AM

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Anyone else get this? I'm in NYC, just signed up for E911 service on Anveo to use with Google Voice. I wanted to test 911 service.
I called 311 first, they said just call 911. I called 911 on Sunday morning, told her it was not an emergency, and asked if she could repeat my address. She said that she would not give out any information. I asked her if she could confirm my address and she took a second to speak to her supervisor, then came back and said she was not allowed to give out any information.
Anything else I can do to confirm it is working with my address?


Wow. Surprised a supervisor would not allow this. I've done this a few times with no problems (but not in NYC!)

As far as I know, the proper method to check if 911 is working correctly on Anveo is to dial 933 and listen to the read back. Whatever is read back to you is what will be sent to your PSAP when you dial 911.

Quote from: AnveoHow can I test E911 to make sure it is configured without dialing 911?
You can dial 933 to verify that E911 address in your account is configured and that your SIP device is capable of sending and receiving audio.


Note: You'll have to make sure your digitmap and OutboundCallRoute will route a "933" call to the same SP trunk that 911 is currently routed to.


I'm surprised your allowed to dial 911 just to test if it works! If you dialled 999 here in the UK and said it's not an emergency and that your just testing the line and requested they confirm your address they would have the police on your door giving you a right telling off. They can even arrest and prosecute you here for it! :/
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Same thing in Vancouver where I used to live, but in Central Alberta it's allowed as long as you receive permission first.  The policy seems to be a regional thing.


I called the police non-emergency number first to ask them how to go about testing. They told me to just call 911 and tell them what I was doing.

I am not in NYC either.


Dial 933 to test the Anveo 911 setup. That tests both associated address, and also connectivity both ways. The auto setup should configure 911 and 933 the same for routing, and if you do advanced setup yourself, you should do that too.


Just got my OBi100 setup, and I did two things to test the Anveo E911-only service (in Santa Clara, CA):

1) called 933, listened to the info repeated back, made sure it was accurate

2) called the SCPD non-emergency dispatch number from their web site and said "I have a new internet phone setup at my house and need to verify it can call 911 correctly. What's the correct procedure?"  The dispatcher basically said "just call 911 and say right away that it's a non-emergency test call".  Hung up, called 911 and got the same dispatcher.  She verified that my correct address showed up.  The callback number she had wasn't one I recognized, but I believe Anveo generates those on the fly.

Hmm, as an aside:  if you ONLY have E911 through Anveo, how does it route a callback to your OBi (in my case, my SP1 is Google Voice).


Interesting...in my area (Northern California), I accidentally dialed 911 when testing my PBX configuration. The connection was literally no more than 2 seconds with no operator having picked up when I realized my mistake and hung up, hoping the call hadn't yet connected. Within 30 seconds, the 911 operator in my area called me back. I couldn't pick up because of the PBX configuration that I was still in the middle of. She called back twice. Within 10 minutes, a police officer was at my front door! I was really embarrassed but glad that my area's 911 was so responsive.


Quote from: packetslave on October 13, 2014, 07:24:10 PMHmm, as an aside:  if you ONLY have E911 through Anveo, how does it route a callback to your OBi (in my case, my SP1 is Google Voice).

Anveo and Callcentric generate temporary numbers, which they associate with your account when you place that 911 call.  When the dispatchers need to call you back, they call the temporary number, which Anveo or Callcentric have assoicated with your account, and they then route the call to you.

If GV is on SP1, then Anveo is on SP2 which you are only using for E911. 


Quote from: Rick on October 14, 2014, 11:57:02 AMAnveo and Callcentric generate temporary numbers, which they associate with your account when you place that 911 call.

Almost.  Anveo associates the number with your account when you place the call.  Callcentric has stated that they associate the number with your account when you order e911 service.  Callcentric's technique is more reliable (because the number does not have to be provisioned to the e911 provider in real-time), but Anveo's is cheaper.


In the US some areas have instituted very large fees for those that abuse the 911 system.  In some large cities it's a real problem.  For other areas like where I live all numbers go to the PSAP and things are a little more laid back.  I guess you just need to know how things are done in your area.

There's a show now called Outrageous 911 showcasing the idiots that abuse 911.
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