Obi 110 not working - just red light blinking after recent GV firmware update

Started by JK_obi, September 17, 2014, 02:09:38 PM

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After receiving an email from Obihai about GV support, I tried to add my GV to the OBI 110 device. It said, this device needs firmware update, so I clicked yes and selected it as my primary phone line. It removed my existing SIP provider and tried adding GV but never completed. I thought may be, I need to remove my device and add again. So I deleted the device from mu ObiTalk dashboard. I tried to add this device again but it doesn't respond to initial setup (no response to the dial **5-####). Only sign I see is red light blinking. I checked the Obi Manual, red light blinking means "device is upgrading, do not unplug".  It has been two days, my OBI 110 is dead like a brick.

I need get this phone working again as it is my primary source of communication with my home based parents. I am repenting big time, why did I even consider adding GV to my already running system and causing lot of inconvenience to parents.

I haven't tried the hard-reset using paper clip as mentioned in one of the earlier threads.

If the experts on this community can help me to restore my OBi-110, I would be very grateful!




So far, five forum users users (including yourself) have reported the same or similar problems following the firmware upgrade.  One user reported that he was able to successfully load the firmware, but when he tried to use OBiTALK, the device stopped working permanently.  We don't know if OBiTALK somehow triggered the problem, or if it was coincidental.

Barring any suggestions from anyone else, you can experiment with the following if you like: .  You can probably skip build 2824 and go straight to 2853 as amsguy reported 2853 is the one that worked for him.  If you do this, please remember to disconnect your router from the internet until you've completed all the steps.  This way, we'll be able to tell whether OBiTALK is in fact a piece of the puzzle or is just coincidence.