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Help with sipgate

Started by fullblast1A, September 22, 2014, 02:39:30 PM

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Hi I am new to the forum. Thanks for having me.  I just purchased an Obi100.  I have an account with sipgate and used to have a Dratek vigor 2100v but is is damaged in a recent flood at the house.
Try as I can, I cannot enter the details for my account into the Obitalk web configuration. For my " generic service provider it says "Register failed no response from server.
Please can you help with the settings
Service Provider Proxy Server : ?
Service Provider Proxy Server Port 5060 ?
Outbound Proxy Server ?
Outbound Proxy Server Port 5060 ?
User Name my sip ID 7 characters ?
Password My 8 digit sipgate password?
URI :no idea what to enter here.

Thanks for any help you can give to an old user (62)

Many thanks


Hi fullblast1A - welcome to the forum.

I'm also a user. My present settings are very simple:

Service Provider Proxy Server :
Service Provider Proxy Server Port: 5060
Outbound Proxy Server: Leave blank 
Outbound Proxy Server Port: Leave blank
User Name: my sip ID 7 characters
Password: My 8 digit sipgate password
URI: Leave blank

Outbound Proxy Server seems to be only recommended for business users, so that may be the problem. For residential users sipgate recommend using as the Outbound Proxy Server. From an OBi point of view this is pointless as it is sending outgoing calls that way in any case.

If you have STUN set up, then try disabling it.


The obitalk portal isn't the best when configuring some UK VoIP providers as you need to enter the OBi Expert Configuration page to enter more info in most cases. This info is what you will need to setup sipgate on your OBi:

SIP Proxy:
Outbound Proxy:
STUN-Port: 3478
Register Expire Time: 600 Seconds
Username: your SIP ID
Authorisation your SIP ID
SIP-Password: your SIP Password
DTMF Method: RFC2833

So Enter:

  • Service Provider Proxy Server:
  • Outbound Proxy Server: (Not always needed, try without.)
  • User Name: your SIP ID
  • Password: your SIP Password
  • URI: You can leave this empty, the correct format would be  your SIP but it will automatically do this for you. only needed if the details were different to those above.

Now click Submit, it probably won't register yet because we may still need to insert some other parameters not requested under the Generic Service Provider - Home page.

Click on OBi Expert Configuration followed by Enter OBi Expert... In the left pane click on Service Providers > ITSP Profile (whatever you have setup with sipgate) General > and enable STUNEnable then enter in the STUNServer field: followed by Submit.

You should also change RegisterExpires: 3600 to RegisterExpires:600 which you will find under Service Providers>  ITSP Profile (whatever you have setup with sipgate) SIP

EDIT: Remember it can sometimes take a few minutes for the configuration to be pushed to your OBi device and another few minutes to update obitalk with the registration status once it has done so.
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Many thanks for such quick reply to my message.  I will try this when I get home this evening.
Please could you answer another issue. 
How do I log into the OBI100 built in web browser??  I dialled ***1 and I got the web address 192.168.etc but when I type that into the search engine. nothing happens, and then it says cannot reach that address.  I am using windows 7.  Is that ok?
Do I plug the OBI100 direct into pc network port or via the router.  I imagine it is via the router as per my previous Dratek 2100v.

Can I make these changes listed above for my Sipgate account, through the OBI dashboard or through the built in web browser which I have yet to get access to.

Thanks once again for any help this forum can provide.


I also have sipgate UK configured on an OBi110 and use the same settings as stated by ianobi.  Remember that the password is the SIP password, NOT the password you use to log in to the sipgate web site.

The OBi should be plugged in to your router (not into your PC).

Windows 7 is fine.  You should be able to type into the address field of your browser and have it respond by popping up a little box asking for username and password.  These are both 'admin' (without the quote marks) unless you changed the password.

You can configure the OBi either from the Obitalk Dashboard or via its local web server but not both.  But the Dashboard settings will override  (=replace) anything you do locally unless you disable Obitalk provisioning.  Dashboard method is usually recommended for new users.


Thanks for this help... I am getting somewhere now.  I have got the web configuration working but only in internet explorer not my usual Opera browser.
It shows as registered now and in the Sipgate web page it shows as on-line.  Great.

BUT  when I make a call. it rings once and then a female voice says, " we could not complete your call"

Any ideas at cracking this final piece of the jigsaw.

Thanks Ianobi, and WelshPaul I did all of your settings


Hi again. AN update!!!

I received an e-mail from Sipgate support and they gave me lots of settings to use and now everything works perfectly.

Thanks for all of your patience.

PS does Google voice work or has that been turned off now.



Looks like sipgate have been making changes to their site and service since I last used them. I'm guessing you needed the outbound proxy set as and not as is stated in my previous post.

(I think someone did mention

Anyway, glad you got it all up and running. Never used any google voice services myself... Not even available here in the UK although I think they do offer Google Voice for mobiles?

OBihai however do now offer full official support for google voice. :)
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Quote from: fullblast1A on September 23, 2014, 02:43:17 PM
PS does Google voice work or has that been turned off now.
Google Voice works fine in the UK.  You need a US phone number as part of the sign-up process.  Use your imagination (hint: IPKall ) or Google for how to do it.


Halp! Just got an Obi100 and having troubles registering Sipgate with it.

I've tried various settings, including ones recommended by Obi, those in this thread, and those on the Sipgate site at .

So far the best I'm getting is    "Register Failed: No Response From Server".

Can anyone dump a load of their settings so I can at least make sure the Obi setup isn't the issue? Might be a routing issue with my thompson TG585; if so, any suggestions?

EDIT: getting somewhere.

Firstly, this probably helped:

Basically you have to, via telnet on a Thompson box, "connection unbind application=SIP port=5060" then "saveall".

   Start --> Run --> type 'cmd' into this box --> Press Enter
   At the prompt, type 'telnet' followed by the ip address of the SpeedTouch (default is
   Login using Administrator or Super user (varies depending on device, modern ones just same login details as web interface).
   Type: connection unbind application=SIP port=5060
   Pres enter, And then type: saveall
   Press enter, Finally type: exit
   Press ente

With current settings, I'm now getting ringing on landline, but on pickup the caller phone keeps ringing and doesn't get through. Sipgate website also showing as still unregistered, although it's showing registered on Obi. Gonna play with settings later and try fix it up.

EDIT 2: left it a while and now showing online on sipgate, registered on obi. still problem picking up though - stops ringing on local phone, keeps ringing on callers phone until going to voicemail.


Make sure you have:

Service Provider Proxy Server:
Outbound Proxy Server:
User Name: Your SIP-ID (7 characters)
Password: Your 8 digit SIP password
Register Expires: 600

I see you have turned off SIP ALG on your Speedtouch router already.

If you are still having issues try these RTP settings:
Local Port Min: 5104
Local Port Max: 5120
Keep Alive Interval:20

And under SP Service:
X_UserAgentPort: 5160

For the record:

Looks like the end of the road for the sipgate residential service!
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Quote from: WelshPaul on December 05, 2014, 07:42:30 AM
Looks like the end of the road for the sipgate residential service!
I have 3 residential accounts with Sipgate UK, including one with a few pounds of credit.  I have had nothing from them about end of service.


Sipgate in the US shut down. I can't speak for their UK service.
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Not taking on new users doesn't always mean end of service. Hopefully, anyway.   ;)

Also, FFS. It's always the simple stuff. Finally works after 5 hours of messing about. Just had to disable stun  :)

Here we go, basic HOWTO - Thompson Router (585v8, ymmv) and Obi100 (ditto):

1. Hard reset to default settings - button on the rear. If you've not messed anything up in telnet or haven't got tons of custom port forwards enabled, fine, but you've been warned  :P
2. Thompson can stay at default settings (well, change the admin pass asap, and enter your isp details). By default, UPNP is enabled - it can stay like this. Nothing default actually needs changing other than...
3. The *only* change you need is to disable SIP ALG - telnet to the thompson, "connection unbind application=SIP port=5060", "saveall", "system reboot".

Without step 3, the Obi will never be able to register with Sipgate / SIP, irrespective of other settings. Soon as you hit enter on the first command, it pretty much registers immediately, but save and reboot anyway.

- Setup is as (basically all the stuff welshpaul put above)
- Do NOT enable the stun server. enabling will allow rings in, but pickup will have the caller keep ringing.
- For added bonus, I entered all the uk ring settings at .

Calls in work fine. Calls out work fine, though sipgate test numbers (10000) you have to wait about 10 - 20 seconds before you hear anything. And I have no credit so can't say what real call are like, but I still get the sipgate "you have no credit" man so guess it works fine.


Quote from: drgeoff on December 05, 2014, 09:36:18 AM
I have 3 residential accounts with Sipgate UK, including one with a few pounds of credit.  I have had nothing from them about end of service.

I don't recall Sipgate giving much notice when they shutdown the US service, no more UK registrations for the residential package and no notification or information posted informing anyone of this?

This sucks, existing customers can still make use of their accounts but I can't help but wonder for how long!
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And now i have a german dude for my voice mail. nothings easy :(


Quote from: pepsi_max2k on December 05, 2014, 11:40:17 AM.... sipgate test numbers (10000) you have to wait about 10 - 20 seconds before you hear anything.
Part of that delay is due to the OBi waiting for a timeout period to decide if you have finished dialling.

Put a '#' after the final '0' to speed things up a bit.


Quote from: pepsi_max2k on December 05, 2014, 02:21:08 PM
And now i have a german dude for my voice mail. nothings easy :(

Sipgate is in Germany, so naturally they speak German and sound German.

There is a Sipgate dial-plan located here

Use that and you shouldn't have any delay in calls connecting on your obi device.
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Well it's official - Sipgate's basic residential service is no more from 31/12/2014
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That discontinuance of service notice looks very similar to the pone we had here in the "states". I had 2 accounts and was going to let them die, but one number was very easy to remember. I decided to keep it and ported it to Voip.Ms where it costs me $1.50 a month to keep.

Still, I like the number.
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