Gmail ID as Trusted Caller IDs

Started by mahnemer, January 30, 2011, 07:15:27 PM

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Till now I have notice a great developments since I bought my oBi110 and I am encouraging my friends and family to get one.

Since we can receive calls from our gmail account, can we get gmail accounts to Trusted Caller IDs in the Circle of Trust. If we can then, this will be great for OBi users. If not, I don't know if we can get portable application to call from any computer we don't have admin rights on.



Not at this time.  the gmail acct name can't be put into circle of trust.

However, using the OBi number as those in your circle of trusts would accomplish the same thing?  You can still make/receive calls from your OBiAPP on PC, or iPhone/Android, yes?