Company holding ported number - Best practices?

Started by acrumbacker, October 01, 2014, 09:09:04 AM

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Two years ago I had ported my home landine number (ATT->ATT Mobile -> GV) to Google.  When GV made the announcement it was discontinuing support for OBI, I then ported the number ($20 cost) from Google to Anveo and am using that service now.  I am not very satisfied with the call quality of Anveo and would like to try another VOIP service but want to avoid all the number porting/re-porting issues and associated costs.

My question is:   Is there a way to test various VOIP providers without having port my number every time?

I cannot go back to GV because I have it setup with a new number to forward to my mobile phone.  Any thoughts appreciated.


Set up an account with Voip.Ms and fund with $20. I create and use subaccounts with them, but you can test with the main account too.

Then buy a local number to test with (usually that costs 50 cents to get and $1 a month).

(If your testing shows it not appropriate for you, they will refund the unused amount).

If your test works fine, drop the local number and port in. They currently have free porting. If you decide to drop the service, you are out $1.50 and a few cents for calls.
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I have been very happy with with multiple subaccounts for about a year. Feature rich website that is very usable and gives a lot of flexibility.

I am really happy to have moved away from Google Voice.

Good Luck!

SteveInWA would be great for this, as Lavarock described.  Callcentric also works this way, so take your pick.


Umm setup a new google voice email and number and use that for testing. :o