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Media Loopback Testing with the OBi

Started by ShermanObi, January 26, 2011, 09:07:57 PM

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The Version 1.1 Firmware Update Has Support for Media Loopback

     Ever wonder what a remote endpoint user experiences when they talk on their OBi?  Or maybe you want to troubleshoot a complaint about poor voice quality, but the user is in a remote location and you do not want to disturb them.  Now, you can dial a star code before you dial the destination number and the OBi will perform a media loopback connection.

The star codes are:
*03 – Make a Media Loopback Call
*04 – Make a RTP Packet Loopback Call

When you want to do a media loopback call with the remote OBi (via SIP or the OBiTALK Network), dial the preferred loopback mode star code.  You will be presented with a second dial tone.  Then dial the loopback mirror endpoint's number and your audio will be automatically looped back to you.

The OBi loopback implementation is compliant with:  draft-mmusic-media-loopback-13.txt