1032 Firmware 1905 Breaks RJ9 Headset Port

Started by Boykin, October 31, 2014, 04:59:02 PM

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My Jabra Motion Office headset no longer works with the 1905 firmware for the 1032.  I reinstalled FW 1758 and it works fine.


I see that nobody replied to your post here.  I thought I posted an answer elsewhere, but I'm too lazy to go find it.  In any case, this is a known/reported firmware bug, planned to be fixed "soon".

In the mean time, you can use the "old fashioned" method... plug your headset's base unit into the OBi phone's handset jack instead of the dedicated headset jack.  Plug the cord from the handset into the headset base's handset port.  Use the manual switch on the headset base to control which device is used, and answer the call by picking up the handset and setting it off hook, instead of using the headset button on the OBi phone.


Firmware 2211 for the OBi1032 that I installed last night fixed the headset issue. 


Actually, it was fixed in the previous release, but yah, it's fixed.


What Headset is best?  I currently have a plaintrionics with the RJ9.  I can hear great, but no one can hear me? It works on another VOIP phone I have just fine.  Any suggestions?


Most RJ-9 equipped headsets should work, assuming the headset works with some other phone.  You may need to read the manufacturer's directions to learn how to adjust the headset's configuration and audio levels to be compatible with the phone.

I use GN Netcom/Jabra headsets, and they work fine with the OBi phone.


I have a plantronics RJ9 headset that doesn't work with this phone. It works fine with other VOIP phones. I can't hear anything and the other end can't hear anything either. It sounds like it should be compatible. Any suggestions? I tried doing the trick by swapping ports, plugging it in the headset jack, as well but it doesn't work there either.



You may need to follow Plantronics' instructions to match your headset's audio settings to the new phone.  Check with your headset manual or the Plantronics website for details.

Aside from that, make sure your phone is at the current firmware level, which is  You can press the speakerphone button and press *000 then press 1# to hear the firmware level.