Obi needs to go in a Docking Bay with Bluetooth and Wifi Router or in Cell Phone

Started by, May 15, 2011, 07:11:29 PM

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I like the concept of the obi hardware.  I have an Eken M001 Android tablet (WiFi and USB but no bluetooth) and a Chinese 4G+++ Compass wifi cell phone Dual Card Dual Camera Quad Band with 3.5 inch Touch Screen Bluetooth and USB.  I wanted to hook them up to my Netgear Wifi Router., which I did.  I would lke to see the Obi 100 hardware installed inside of the Chinese Phones or Android Tablets one day with a public walkie talkie to send touch tone control signals to a scanner at Obitalk. With a dynamic ip address ( mobile Obi Phones could use the WiFi ONLY to communicate with an Obi connected to the Internet (Obi Hardware would be the bridge).  If I could use someone elses Obi on WiFi ONLY and visa versa, free Obis would always be open even if as a mobile I would not always have access to the internet (Only Wifi).  With intellgence a Obi Wifi Network could switch mobile Obis like a cellular tower automatically, keeping them connected to the internet.  You wouldn`t even need cellular service at all with good public message passing. (Walkie Talkies can go 2 miles and scanners could route dynamic mobile addresses for 2 miles).  So I would like to see the following hardware made: Android Phone with Wifi, Bluetooth, Obi Phone Line for Wireless Phone, Wifi Router with WAN and 2 LAN outputs, A/V in and out, all terminated on an Ipod Connector for a docking bay, and with Public Band Walki Talkie in a package the size of an Iphone. I would like to try to blitz WiFi with bittorrent using the walkie talkies to pass torrents  along a route.  I think you could go long distances with ONLY WIFI. Obis should work like a multimedia bittorrent system when they route in a WiFi mobile environment.