Is there any way to port an Ooma # to GV?

Started by abcd, November 10, 2014, 08:46:12 PM

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I just want to port my Ooma number to Google Voice, since Google Voice service is free again. I remember before, there was a way you could do it by buying a very cheap prepaid phone and porting your land line (or in this case, Ooma number) to the cheap phone, then porting your cheap prepaid phone's number to GV.

The only problems are that I'm not sure if this would still work, I'm not sure which carrier(s) would allow you to do this and which ones would be the least expensive. And even if this all were to work out fine, would it even be cost effective (as opposed to transferring my number to, say, Phone Power)?

Thanks for reading. Any help or advice would be well received and appreciated.

EDIT: Sorry. I have an Obi100.