OBI 110 - PSTN Dial out not working

Started by zippy, November 26, 2014, 06:38:54 AM

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My OBi 110 unit is unable to dial out from the PSTN port (always end up with busy tone),  but I can still receive incoming calls.  I am not sure if it is caused by the firmware update to build 2872 which I did a few days ago.


Do you get the telco's dial tone when you dial a single '#' on the phone plugged into the OBi110?


Yes, drgeoff.   I can get the telco's dial tone when I dial a single '#' on the phone plugged into the OBi110.

Do you have idea what is wrong with my OBi110?



How many digits are you dialing when you get a busy?
Can you dial that number with an **8 prefix like **85551212
Is your Primary line set to "PSTN Line"?
Post your Phone Port and Line Port DigitMaps.
Also post your Phone Port OutboundCallRoute.
The Phone and Line Port parms can be found under Physical Interfaces using OBi Expert.


1. I have tried to dial 8 digits, and also **8 prefix, but all ends up with busy tones.
2. The primary line is set to "PSTN Line"

3a. The DigitMap for LINE port is: (xxxxxxxxS4|1xxxxxxxxxx|xx.)

3b.  The DigitMap for Phone port is the default:

3c.  Phone Port OutboundCallRoute (default):

I think the problem is the line port, not the phone port.  I also tried to access from my Android OBion app to PTSN line via AA, but still got the same result (busy tone).