[SOLVED] Increase allowed delay between dialed tones?

Started by jdoff, May 18, 2011, 05:52:02 PM

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I'm using my OBi100 with a rotary phone and a pulse-DTMF adapter (the Dialgizmo). The pulse-DTMF adapter converts the pulses from the rotary dial to DTMF tones, and sends a tone as soon as a particular series of pulses (digit) is interpreted.

This works just fine for digits that don't take long to dial on the rotary dial, maybe 1-5 or so. For higher digits, the OBi100 times out while the dial is spinning back and the pulses are being sent to the Dialgizmo, i.e. the tone hasn't been sent yet. Is there a way to increase this timeout between digits?

tl;dr: OBi100 times out if I dial slowly. How do I fix it? :)


Oops, should have kept searching. It was addressed in this thread:



Quote from: MichiganTelephone on May 14, 2011, 11:07:23 AM
Try this:  In your phone port DigitMap, look for this:


Try adding S4 after each of those mappings (for a four second timeout, you can change the 4 if you want more time):


See if that helps.