*67 on every outbound call


As my SIP provider does not support permanent setting or clearing of callerID blocks, I want to modify my call route to insert *67 before every call/number dialed.  My current OutboundCallRoute is:



Unfortunately however, this is not working; any ideas of what I'm missing?  Do I need to approach this differently?

Thank you geniuses!

You've made a good attempt, but you've modified the wrong element of the outbound call route.  That rule you've changed, {([1-9]x?*(Mpli)):PP} is for making a call using to another OBi as a gateway, through OBiTALK (with the OBi number of this gateway stored a speed dial, 1-99).
So [1-9]x? is for 1-99, the * is a special character that tells the OBi the number that follows is going to route to this other OBi (ie the OBi number stored in the corresponding speed dial), via the OBiTALK call protocol. And by default, we expect the user will dial a number that matches the primary line’s digit map definition, hence the (Mpli)

Now I've got that explanation out of the way, let's get *67 added to your outbound calls:

If you just want to dial the number as usual and to add *67 in front of the calls, the easiest way to do this is to modify the call route for "Primary Line", which is the default Terminal the OBi is set to use.  A Terminal can be SP1, SP2, PP, LI, BT1, etc.  To make this modification, change the outbound call route for the primary line, {(Mpli):pli}, to add *67 to all calls:


Now, if you wanted to apply this only to a single terminal - for example SP2 - you could change the individual terminal's call route, so if dialling **2 for SP2, we could enforce that to transform to *67 when it hits the service provider by changing {(<**2:>(Msp2)):sp2} as follows:


I hope this helps  :)

Working fantastically, thanks for both the background explanation and simple howto Mark!


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