GV has started to drop calls for the last 24hrs after 2-4 minutes, just dead air

Started by zorlac, December 13, 2014, 07:23:03 PM

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I've been using GV for over a year without issue but I called someone last night and it just goes dead.
Tried again today on a couple different phones & phone #'s, same deal, dies after 2-4 minutes.
Put my second obi100 in place configured it & get the same results.  >:(
I've moved my obi100 to the routers DMZ but I don't see why that would help since it has been working fine for a year behind the firewall.
I ran the VOIP test & get the same results I always have MOS=4.2.
Unless GV is having problems, I'm baffled.  :'(

The #'s I was having problems calling today & last night were all in my state (NJ) but I just finished a 26min call to Idaho to my son's cell phone without a problem.


We use Google Voice for outbound calls and we haven't noticed any disconnects (so far).  Most of our calls made in the last couple of days have been to Colorado POTs lines and to Cell phone numbers.