[SOLVED] Obi110 reboots during the call

Started by tintin11, May 21, 2011, 01:54:28 PM

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Hi all,

I am using my Obi110 device in India. The plan is to use my friend's Obi110 device as a voice gateway in the US to make free calls. He has GV setup on his device and I am planning to use that.

But I noticed that my device reboots every time he makes an ObiTalk (device to device) call.  The call would last
for a few minutes and my device reboots with 'Reason: 92, lifecycle: 158'. Sometimes it happens right away after
the incoming call is connected.

Does anybody know what it means ?

[May 21 11:24:41][]<7> RTP:?Msg in tcp buf(120/21301)

[May 21 11:24:41][]<7> RTP:?Msg in tcp buf(144/21076)

[May 21 11:24:41][]<7> RTP:?Msg in tcp buf(428/21042)

[May 21 11:24:50][]<6> ==== Networking is ready ====

[May 21 11:24:50][]<0> IP Address=
[May 21 11:24:50][]<0> Gateway   =
[May 21 11:24:50][]<0> Netmask   =
[May 21 11:24:50][]<3> SYSTEM REBOOTED (Reason: 92, lifecycle: 158)

[May 21 11:24:50][]<0> SLIC_init ...
[May 21 11:24:50][]<0> Reset SLIC...
[May 21 11:24:50][]<150> Setup Provisioning for system start! 1000

[May 21 11:24:52][]<0> SLIC & DAA is initialized
[May 21 11:24:54][]<6> Start Main Service Now
[May 21 11:24:54][]<7> Voice Main

[May 21 11:24:54][]<7> [CPT] --- FXS s/w tone generator (ringback)

[May 21 11:24:54][]<7> BASESSL:load cert:5

[May 21 11:24:54][]<7> BASESSL:Load certificate ok


Do you have the latest firmware loaded?:  v1.2.1 (Build 2286)


Yes that's the one I have on my device:

[from webpage] System Status: SoftwareVersion   1.2.1 (Build: 2286)


You may consider to disable the auto-provisioning function of your OBi device and see how it goes.

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disabled auto provisioning and then tried one inbound obi-to-obi call.. but got the same error msg.

SYSTEM REBOOTED (Reason: 92, lifecycle: 286)

Does anybody know what it means by Reason #92?   This reason doesn't show up in the System status under
UpTime. But the Admin Guide says we should see the Reason number upon a reboot.

Any suggestions how to to fix this reboot problem ?



How do you connect the OBi to the Internet? Through a Ethernet switch, hub, or directly to
a router, etc?

It looks like there is some packet blockage and the OBi runs into
some unexpected condition that causes it to reboot. We will need to debug further.

Please email support@obihai.com, including your OBi number, and some
answers to the above questions.

Thank you very much.
OBIHAI Support Staff


Thanks to obi-support2 and the support team at Obihai. The latest beta version of the update (build 2286+) fixed
the problem.