OBi100 Support two Phone Lines?

Started by snsumner, May 21, 2011, 09:09:13 PM

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I have my house wired to support two phone lines via RJ11.  If I connect a Obi100 to my RJ11 will I be able to handle two different lines from my analog phones?  For example, I have a office phone that currently allows me to access line1 or line2 via RJ11.  I'm assuming I would setup two different GV numbers and link them to line 1 and line 2 of my analog phones.  Just want to make sure this is possible or whether I have to purchase two OBi100 devices to do this.



The OBi's PHONE Port supports a single line only.  If the PHONE Port is in use on Google Voice #1 and a call comes in on Google Voice #2, the PHONE Port will receive a Call Waiting indication and can switch to the Google Voice #2 call using the Hook Flash.


the Obi only has one phone port and only supports output for one line, and only one active call at a time. You can have 2 google voice numbers ring the same line. No support for 2 line phone, phone will work as a single line.

You can get 2 Obi's and feed your current wiring. Take care not to feed voltage back into the phone port of the Obi.



I believe that you have mixed up some of terms use in OBi device.

For OBi100
PHONE Port : RJ11 port is supposed to connect a corded or corless phone

For OBi110
PHONE Port : RJ11 port is supposed to connect a corded or corless phone
LINE Port : RJ11 port is supposed to connect the teleco PSTN

For your OBi100 case, the RJ11 port is a PHONE port which will give voltage/current to an ordinary corded or cordless phone. You MUST NOT connect the teleco PSTN line to this port because Teleco PSTN line gives voltage/current and the PHONE port of Obi1xx will give voltage/current. If you do it, your OBi100's PHONE port will be burnt out!!!!!

For how to configure the wiring in your case, you might take a look at the information provided MT.

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