Call Forward (unconditional) & dialling out on Obitalk 200 ---Help needed.

Started by realjohny, January 06, 2015, 11:40:24 AM

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I hope you are OK.
When I didn't hear from you after my last post, I thought everything was working.
No such luck. LOL.

Anyway, I disconnected my PSTN line from my OBi110 and then routed a call to it from my OBi200. I received the same 503 error and also got an IVR message "All Circuits are Busy". I suspect there is something wrong with your PSTN line. I can't help you with hardware problems.

Make sure you are at the current firmware level. There has been some recent fixes for OBiLine. I think these are for an echo problem so I don't think it will help, but it can't hurt to be at the current FW level.

You should be able to just dial the number without using the Auto Attendant. This will not fix your problem.



I hope you are doing well.

Because of your great help I have been able to talk to my family and friends so peacefully when they call me from my home country and it reaches to my mobile, thanks a million :)

I need some help if you can spare time responding. I want to know that my current configuration is as per your post #55 in this thread, I use phone attached to local Obihai device to use remote GSM line paired with remote Obihai.

Is there any way I can use Hangout Dialer on my mobile phone to call remote GV on remote Obihai (which is bluetooth paired with a GSM phone) and when remote Obihai reads my local GV number my it gives me access to use remote GSM and then dial out just like now ?

Your help is appreciated like always.


Route the Hangouts CallerID to the Auto Attendant.

Remote OBi:
Voice Services -> SP1 Service -> InboundCallRoute:

I gave you 2 options for the Auto Attendant OutboundCallRoute. If you are already routing calls to BT then the above is all you need.
I updated Reply#55.


Thank you for your reply.

Is {(1Local_GV#|1Hangouts#):aa},{ph}   considering that local GV and Hangout accounts are different ? I am currently using same number for both local Obi and hangout dialer.