Silence during Google Voice calls.

Started by AndrewPaullin, January 13, 2015, 09:47:46 PM

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Hello, during nearly every Google Voice call there is silence for 5-10 seconds. What can be done to fix this? Our internet bandwidth is fine, >10Mbps.


Incoming or outgoing calls or both?

Which direction of audio or both?

Usually at some specific time during the call (eg when the call is answered)  or random.

Happens only once per call or can be multiple?

More prevalent with calls to/from particular number(s)  or equally likely on all?


Thanks! Good questions. I'll start paying closer attention to the details, now that you tell me these are relevant. So far it seems the silence occurs randomly throughout the call, and if I remember correctly, can happen more than once during a call.
Will get back with you asap...