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Main Menu setup modification

Started by crazyk4952, May 26, 2011, 10:37:20 AM

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Recently i set up an OBi100 for use with I had to go into the 'Expert Settings' to tweak a few settings to get it to work to my liking. I suggest modifying the following things to the 'Setup wizard' for

1) The dial plan was wrong. I was not able to access my voicemail, access my speed-dials or dial 911 with the dialplan that the OBi wanted to use! I had to add the following to my dial plan:


2) The registration period was set to 60 seconds. This is a little too frequent. I set this to 300 seconds.

3) The X_KeepAliveExpires is set to 15 seconds. This is also a little too frequent. I set this to 60 seconds.

4) In order to get the MWI to work, I had to manually check (enable) the 'MWIEnable' and 'X_VMWIEnable'.

5) the CPCDelayTime value is set to 2000 (I assume milliseconds). 1000 may be a more reasonable value so that the telephone does not have to be off-hook for a seemingly long time to end the call.

6) I also had to set ChannelTxGain and ChannelRxGain to a value of '4' in order to get the person that I am calling to hear me (and for me to hear them) clearly.

Overall, I am satisfied with my OBi device. However, if I didn't already have experience with configuring a PAP2T, it would have taken me a long time to figure out how to get this properly configured!


Those changes makes sense.

I changed the same settings for my account and everything works fine.


What setup pages are these on?
Found keepalive on sp1 service page,
cant seem to find the others, gain or registration or delay
Is there any place to learn what the incoming/outgoing or dial plans
mean or how to set them up?

If i turn on 911, I dont think they will like it if i make a test call.
Thanks for posting.


Regarding the comment about "them" not liking it if you test your 911 service...

No they won't.

I use Anveo for my 911 service.  It costs $1.50 a month.  They provide a '933' number to test that your 911 service is configured properly.  When I dial it, it does a "test" and reports that it is set up.  It then "speaks" my home address.  Then, it tells me to say something "after the beep" and plays it back to me so I can hear what the 911 operator hears.

That gives me some confidence that it all would work when needed.



I think MrBill got tired of waiting for a reply.  It is 6 years since he asked and 3 years since he last signed in to the forum.


Sorry if my reply is "late".  I'm just trying to add info for others that find this post and might think they can't test their 911.



Quote from: sjmyst on January 07, 2019, 11:40:23 AM
Regarding the comment about "them" not liking it if you test your 911 service...

No they won't.

Yes, they will.  Your answer doesn't dispute that.  You are simply telling people that certain ITSPs supply a special 933 test number.  That number provides a test from your device to the company that provides the 911 interconnection, to confirm that a) it works, and b) they have the correct street address that you entered.  Calling 933 is not going to the actual PSAP (emergency call center), so there is no problem testing the service by calling 933.  There IS a problem testing by calling 911.  That was the question being asked and answered.