Web portal configuration is setup with new service but wants to return to GV

Started by Agent88, January 31, 2015, 04:35:06 PM

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I don't know how to fix this.  I had GV setup on SP1 for about a year.  Recently I deleted that setup and chose to install my new service with voip.ms on my 110 and the device configuration seems to be as I programmed it, but now when I view SP1, it quickly switches back to my former GV input data. Why is this?  Everything seems to work correctly, but what is going on?

Note: if I select "cancel", it returns to my preferred setup.


Looks like no one wants to touch this.

I have to leave for about a week so I will re-visit this issue later.  It appears I will have to submit a ticket if it still persists at that time.


The only way I can think of that happening, is that you had formerly set up that service provider slot via the OBiTALK portal page, and then you updated it on the local web interface.  The portal configuration will automatically over-write the local configuration, unless you specifically disable it from doing so.  You need to decide which method to use, and then manage your device accordingly.