Your Experience with build 4581 and Obiline?

Started by ProfTech, February 14, 2015, 09:58:43 AM

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It is probably too soon but I thought I would start a thread. I would love to be able to access the advanced features available in the 200 but my wife requires that our POTS line be integrated. So for now we are relegated to using a 110. I have access to a 200 but won't buy the Obline adapter until I see some feedback. Would like to hear from anyone who has [or better yet] is using this setup regularly.


It may be too soon to tell here too, but I had tried the ObiLine with a 202 a while back and it was unusable, but I just upgraded to the latest firmware and it is MUCH improved.  I had reverted back to my 110, but if this continues, I will definitely be moving to the 202 as my regular unit.


That is excellent news. I just saw today where support for the adapter was introduced for the new IP phones, which might make a pretty cool package so it made me wonder if the update(s) in 4581 were a precursor to what is now in the IP phones. I may order an adapter and try it out. Been using Asterisk to extend the capabilities of the 110 with mixed results, unfortunately.


Sad to report that my echo is back.  Right after I set the 202 back up with Obiline I spent 20 minutes on a call and heard little or no echo, but for some reason, it's now back and seems just as bad as it was before. :(


Quote from: willmw on March 21, 2015, 01:37:47 PM
Sad to report that my echo is back.  Right after I set the 202 back up with Obiline I spent 20 minutes on a call and heard little or no echo, but for some reason, it's now back and seems just as bad as it was before. :(

Can you please log a support ticket at - our Engineers will help you troubleshoot the Echo
Obihai Technology (London, United Kingdom)


Same here. I love the GV integration, but am using OBILINE with the OBI200 to support the POTS number on a land-line.

I am seeing echo about every 10th call with the new 4581 firmware.  Ticket number is  (SG) OBi200 510229870.

Support has tried to help.  The most recent call to echo out was a conference call appointment with my doctor.  I asked support  to bump the level of support and have not heard back.  Here's my last note to them.

<To Obihai >
Ok, so you seem to be saying that I should hang tight with my current hardware and software, and hope that no other important calls are affected. I really like the concept of your product, but I'm sorry to say this level of echo in one call out of ten is not acceptable.

I've been where you are, giving phone support for software products that have bugs.

This is the point, it seems to me, where support would kick the problem up a level, and get me in touch with someone who can do some of that engineer stuff: give me a beta version of the firmware, look at log information, packet traces, or any other technical info to help chase the problem down. Is this in the cards at all?

As a practical matter, I'm responsible for the phone system in our home.  The people who use the phone are thinking that it is broken and that I should fix it. I need to decide soon whether this echo problem will be solved in the foreseeable future, or not.


For the record, the OBi110 doesn't echo.  I know that's not the topic of this thread, but I just thought you might be interested.


I've returned my OBI200 and OBITALK, due to the echo issue not being resolved, tailing off of support response on the two tickets I had open.  This was the main reason for abandoning the product.

Other OBITALK reliability issues: land line calls not ringing through, land line calls dropped on hold, hold callbacks not ringing.  These other problems added up to an unreliable experience with the OBILINE that just became too hard to deal with on our main house phone line.  I realize this is subjective, but important calls, such as calls to and from our physician or bank, seemed to be the most often affected.

I loved the ability to answer my GV calls on any house phone, but the land line experience, and inadequate support, turned ownership of this product into a small private hell.


and here i am 3 years later with an echo on the obiline... has anyone resolved this yet?