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Rotary or pulse dialing and the dialgizmo. Obihai wish list and notes.

Started by M105, March 06, 2015, 09:41:44 AM

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I have collected a few antique phones over the years including a neat 3-slot payphone.  The antiques are rotary dial phones which work well with my Grandstream HT-502 VOIP boxes but not with any of Obihai's offerings.

I recently purchased a DialGizmo pulse to tone converter and am using it with an Obi200.  I thought I would post a few notes on how to make it work.

Note 1: The Obi defaults to a very short dialing interval.  You can dial the rotary fast enough but it is difficult.  The Obi interdigit interval needs to be increased.  In the physical interface section phone port, add S4 to all the entries. ([1-9]x?*(Mpli)S4|[1-9]S4...and so on)  This will give you 4 seconds between digits.

Note 2: I had to increase the max current from 20ma to 30ma in order to get the dial hold feature of the DialGizmo to function correctly.  This is also done in the physical interface phone options.

Note 3: I wanted to locate the DialGizmo at the Obi instead of at each phone.  This works but introduces a slight hum on the line.  I did a ton of experiments to try to eliminate the hum but the only thing that works is changing the Obi power supply to a 12V regulated linear supply or an ITE rated switching supply.  FWIW, the hum is very slight but I like the line quiet.
Anyway, I searched the forum and found little reference to using a pulse to tone adapter so hopefully this will help others who might want to go this road!
Wish List:
1. I would like for the Obi to support pulse dialing like the Grandstream HT-502 or better yet, incorporate the dial hold function of the DialGizmo to allow the # and * to be dialed.

2. I would like the Obi to incorporate the caller name in the caller ID data if the caller is in my GV phone book.  GV apps have this capability so Obi should be able to do it in their adaptation.


You could have connected your rotary phone to the HT-502 then pointed the proxy at the OBi200.

You can still do this to use as 2 more phone ports on the OBi200.

Post if you're interested and I'll show you how.

Post your wish list under Feature Requests. OBiHai might not look at this thread.


Quote from: azrobert on March 06, 2015, 10:51:02 AM
You could have connected your rotary phone to the HT-502 then pointed the proxy at the OBi200.

You can still do this to use as 2 more phone ports on the OBi200.

Post if you're interested and I'll show you how.

Very interested in this! I have an Obi110 now but realize I should upgrade. I collect vintage phones and want to have pulse dialing work for some of my rotary pieces, which right now can answer but not dial out.

On my dream list is a way to have the whole house system work like a PBX so you can call from one phone to another, and I'd love to get some of those old phones with hold and transfer buttons on the base to actually work, so you can transfer calls from phone to phone ...


I need your full requirements.
You have an OBi200, OBi110 and a HT-502. Correct?
That makes 4 phone ports.
Are 3 digit extension numbers OK?
1 or 2 digit numbers can conflict with speed dials.
How many providers are defined on the OBi200 and OBi110 and what SP trunks are used on each?
Are the SP trunks defined as GV or SIP?
Do you have a PSTN Line connected to the OBi110?
What are the formats of the numbers routed to each trunk, including PSTN.
Like 1xxxxxxxxxx to SP1 on the OBi200 and xxxxxxx and 480xxxxxxx to PSTN on the OBi110.
Do you want all extensions to route outbound calls to any trunk?
Do you want inbound calls to ring all extensions?

Your other post on another topic indicates you only have an OBi110 with GV on SP1.
This would make the config a lot easier.


Thanks for the reply and offer azrobert!  I already have two HT-502s set up as extensions on the Obi200 and they work great. I am using them in 2 out buildings on my property that have wireless routers on my network.  The Dialgizmo I am using inside my home where the main router and Obi200 are located.  The Dialgizmo gives me the ability to dial # and * which is a nice addition. I think I used the outline on how to "obify" your IP phone found somewhere online a while back to do the initial config on the devices including using them as an intercom by dialing 111 on any unit to make the others ring.

I may post the wish list as you suggest.  Those would be great additions to some fine hardware. :D


Thanks you, M105!

I got my AE80 working with an Obi110 using the DialGizmo following your notes.

Note 1a:
I have my OBI's PhonePort trunked to a backend SIP server
(Physical Interfaces -> PHONE Port -> PrimaryLine = SP1 Service)
To get the 4 seconds interdigit wait, you need to modify the DigitMap
under the Service Provider Profile instead:

Service Providers
    ITSP Profile A

(in this case, you can leave the DigitMap under PHONE Port with the default setting)

Dialing rotary is fun but takes some practice to become proficient. In the meantime,
Obi's User Settings -> Speed Dials  is much easier to program than using the Dial-Hold.