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freephoneline/google dial plan set-up

Started by coolclay, June 05, 2012, 12:10:55 PM

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I am using freephoneline for free Canadian calling areas and google for non free and possibly US calling. Also freephoneline for other international calls.

This is the dial plan I am looking at using and I would like some input if it is correct it is as follows.

(911|310xxxx|1800xxxxxxx|204xxxxxxx|250xxxxxxx|289xxxxxxx|306xxxxxxx|403xxxxxxx|587xxxxxxx|416xxxxxxx|418xxxxxxx| 450xxxxxxx|506xxxxxxx|514xxxxxxx|519xxxxxxx|604xxxxxxx|613xxxxxxx|647xxxxxxx| 705xxxxxxx|709xxxxxxx|778xxxxxxx|780xxxxxxx|807xxxxxxx|819xxxxxxx|867xxxxxxx| 902xxxxxxx|905xxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.|<**1>(1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx)

This is on my default calling line The local area codes for city are 403 and 587
911 is for e911 service the 310 is for some utility services, 1800 is for canadian 800 number calling.

I don't know if I have set up the US and other country dialing properly.

Also, I copied this string from the default dial plan |(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.|
What exactly is this?

If anyone has some phone numbers that can be used for testing, please post them.



I finally found a thread explaining some of this stuff.

I changed my dial plan, still not sure if it is correct it is now as follows.


Instead of listing the area codes, I use [2-9]xxxxxxxxx for all my 10 digit local free area dialing and <**1>1xxxxxxxxxx for out of area calls

[2-9]11SO is supposed to cover 311,411,911 etc but only 911 seems supported by my provider .  

because I still have a pots line and 911 should default to that but have not tested it yet...don't really want to phone 911, if not, will have to add that in

Apparently, |(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.| Is for direct obi number calling

What would be the difference between using  |<**1>1xxxxxxxxxx| and using |1xxxxxxxxxx:Msp1| ?

Would this be better?


I know I have not gotten any responses on this yet, but would appreciate some input/advice.

911 issue

My voip provider does strange things when caller id is blocked.

my concern is if call id block is active when calling 911.

my provider uses a northern 911 service which will not see my location if call id is blocked.

how do I disable it for 911 calls?

I have been trying to do a replacement string with no success.

Codes for unblock are *82 and *68(one time)

<911:*68 S1 911> which does not work
i have been using my cell number to test with and replacing the second 911 with my cell number.

How do I actually accomplish this?


in my understanding, |<**1>1xxxxxxxxxx| and using |1xxxxxxxxxx:Msp1|  should be same, but correct me if i'm wrong.

for 911 map, I remember that I saw a post that says no space should be in between, and Sx should be placed at the beginning of a rule, or at the end of a rule. So I guess you may try to break down the rule <911:*68 S1 911> like this:

User Define Digit Map
unblock: (*68S1)


PS. I'm wondering how you test 911 call? Did you really dial it?  ;)


I've tried various forms of it without spaces and no luck

to test if I have correct code, I have been testing using a substitute numbers which could be anything. I have used 288 or 311 and trying to assign to my cell because fonego could ban me for testing 911 services... definitely not allowed.

Since my premise is that I am reassigning 911 to a new number that begins with *68 ie *68911, I should be able to assign 911 to any number so am using my cell number. I think I should even be able to assign 911 to call my cell, but don't want to take a chance using the 911 number that way on the off chance that I might actually dial it. That's the reason for a substitute testing numbers. When I am sure my syntax and codes are right, I will just substitute the 911 back in.

Here are some examples of codes that i have tried.


I tried S1 because I thought maybe it needed a pause but suspect that is not the case. I also thought using S0 might be a good way to separate the numbers so instead of *68cell it was *68S0cell

looking back, I may have made some other mistakes on my dial string that could have been a problem on my testing for instance for a while I had [1-9]11S0 in my dial string.

fonego call logs are also quite handy for seeing what calls actually went through.

I'm a little tired of all the attempts and will retest again when I get my motivation back.

Well, I couldn't leave it alone, I can redirect a number |<333:cell| or |<**1><411:18002464411>|

But I cannot get it to dial *68 or any *code Wikipedia calls them vertical dialing codes.

That includes any form I can think of including 1168, 68*, #68 , or 68#

The obi seems to see these codes as dialing routes and either says no rout available or sends something to the pots line.

Maybe staff or developers know a way to do this.


I tried various DigitMaps, some of them are partially from your post, and tried to route numbers to USA via GV but no luck yet... Even I append <**1>1xxxxxxxxxx right after (MFPLcanadafree) in Digitmap of Phone 2 (use FPL as pli), still calling numbers such as 14151111111, which is not supposed to be covered by (MFPLcanadafree), go to FPL......wondering if there is any log that helps me to investigate how the calling numbers parsed and routed.

I'm kinda tired too.... Hopefully OBiHai will lease a DigitMap/Route wizard shortly to help users to configure .....



The only other thing I can think of is that you may be inadvertently specifying them for fpl in your dial string.

It looks to me like your dial string is a little more complex than mine with an extra service and call setup to china, also I do not have 7 digit dialing set up like you.

I am looking at adding in some local x11 numbers and simplifying my 800 number string like so |18xxxxxxxxxxxx| to encompass all 800 numbers

As far as the 911 with unblock, I can't get that to work. I have tried this code |388:cell#| which is simple and if i dial *68388 on my phone it works to unblock but can find no way to have *68 enter automatically and have it work, If I could get that, modifying for 911 should be straight forward.  It seems to be an issue with how the device works.  I supposed when it comes down to it, I will have to be happy with |911S0|

It is pretty sweet that these dial maps streamline things quite a bit if you can make them work.
I also like that they can be used for other things like keeping people phoning certain numbers or adding quick dials.


do not use this string, it will block all the numbers it covers, my bad.