Anveo E911 coverage on SP1,SP2,SP3

Started by rbm11761, March 14, 2015, 06:06:21 AM

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I have an Anveo E911 account on SP4 and a GV# on SP1 if I add another GV# to SP2 will that number be covered by my Anveo E911?  or do I have to purchase a seperate Anveo E911 for SP2?  Im using a OBi200



it will use the existing Anveo line.  What happens is the 911/933 codes are setup for the ENTIRE device.


Thanks I thought that was the case but just wanted to be sure.  Im very new to this (2 weeks) and learning new things every day.


Not a problem.  I've had mine since September, and I'm still learning as well.  After you get more familiar with the device, you can read the call route maps and verify 911/933 goes to Anveo's SP on both GV lines.

I am very impressed both with the ObiHai device, and the quality of most people on this forum.

Glad I could help.


Where do you find the route maps?  Is that in the advanced section?


Under phone port, outbound call route.

Yes, it's in Obi Expert, or the devices own Web interface.


that's mine, where sp2 is my vitelity line that is set up for E911.