Anveo (standard) cname lookups now 1cent

Started by CLTGreg, March 17, 2015, 12:41:47 PM

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Not talking about the Obi deal. Did anyone notice or better yet gotten notification that Anveo is now charging 1c for CNAME lookups? I don't mind the price but I do mind someone increasing their service prices without telling me. If no notice was given then my trust with them is broken which sucks since I just renewed the Obi Anveo as well.

No matter how low the increase is, in this country and all the other ones I can think of, increasing prices without notice is not completely legal. Therefore I ask anyone with regular Anveo to let me know if they gave notice to anyone.


Quote from: CLTGreg on March 17, 2015, 12:41:47 PM
increasing prices without notice is not completely legal.

As with much else, it depends on the contract.  Notification requirements (if any) for any changes are usually spelled out in the contract, and most contracts these days have enough weasel words in them that allow the provider to change prices and services at their whim, with typically your option being a no penalty termination of the contract with (usually) pro-rated refunds.  I am sure your lawyer can advise you on your actual rights and options.

btw, I believe it is CNAM (Caller id NAMe) and not cname (a DNS Canonical NAME).

AFAIK, Anveo has always (well, always as in when I signed up some time ago, maybe in the very beginning things were different) charged a $0.009 lookup fee (slightly less than your penny) for each CNAM request, which defaulted to not enabled (since it charged to your account).

In any event, if Anveo is no longer providing you the service you wish, at the price you want, contact them and terminate and choose someone else.  They are not the only game in town.

It should be noted that CNAM lookups do typically cost the provider something (pricing depending on volume), so I am not entirely surprised that those providers with slim margins are looking to pass on costs to their customers that desire those look-ups.


You are of course correct about CNAM verus CNAME. I've been thinking to much about MXico lately.

However, I am asking what other people have seen or not seen personally on this matter. I'm already paying per minute a it is and any scumbag could overwhelm my CNAM even if I don't answer the phone. $30 per month or $300 per month from evil robo callers my sound absurd it certainly is possible and without an alert that they are changing their prices. . . I think it's best to go all legal on this issue because I do like the company and here isn't a place for that. It would be better though to have those #s on my Anveo/Obi account.

In the meantime I'd appreciate answers to the question that was asked.


As RFC32861 said, Anveo has always charged 9/10 of one penny for the name lookup but it is only charged one time for each call. So it would take 100 calls from telemarketers to amount to a $1 reduction of the credit in your Anveo account. If I were getting that many telemarketer calls I think I would take the phone off the hook. You can always turn off the lookup and you won't be charged at all. Just put the people who regularly call you into your Anveo phone book and their names will appear for free. Then if you get a call that does not show a name you can decide whether to ignore it or answer it.


It still says "CallerID Name/CNAM lookup for incoming calls ($0.009 per lookup)" under Phone Number Edit -> Caller ID.  Where do you see $0.01?