GV (SP1) backing off due to calling Sipgate sever at SP2

Started by koo100, June 01, 2011, 05:18:25 PM

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My GV at SP1 (obi100) was backing off and trying to access server that belonged to Sipgate that i set up for SP2.   This happened to me a few times already.  Each time I had to delete SP2 (via obitalk) then SP1 worked again.  Then I re-set up SP2 to Sipgate.  Does anyone has similar issues?  Does the latest firmware, which I flashed today, fix the issue.  I'll monitor this situations for a while.



mine was having a similar issue this morning. i upgraded the firmware and my sp1 was backing off. my sp2 was working fine, both were google voice. i went into the expert configuration from the website and under LINE i turned it off since i dont use it. checked again and working fine now. very weird.