After porting started to GV, when to update ported number in obi

Started by marku, March 24, 2015, 04:33:09 PM

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I have gone through process of porting ATT landline through Go Phone and porting to Google Voice (GV) is now within the "24 hour process" of porting my land line number in.  I have previously purchased obi 202 and tried out GV for a bit using a GV assigned number---now being changed by GV port process. 

Question - Is the process now to wait to get email from GV saying porting complete-- and then go to obi to update my obi configuration from initial GV assigned number to my landline number that is being ported in?  Or will I need to reconfigure obi prior to completion of the ongoing GV porting process for any reason (GV did not say anything about getting a confirmation call just an email confirming port completion). 

Sorry if this is dumb question - This is all new to me and am nervous about anything going wrong with porting of my old number.  I actually had issues with ATT Go phone not having enough signal at house to receive calls (even though I could make them) and had to drive out with laptop to have GV call Go phone with verification code to get port started at GV.  Am hoping I don't have a calling need that ends up being a glitch.



Hi Mark:

This is all stuff that is happening to your Google Voice account.  I assume, from your post, that you did successfully set up your OBi with your GV-supplied phone number, and you can currently both make outbound calls, and receive inbound calls to the GV number.  If so, then there isn't any action you need to take on your OBi device or web portal page.

The OBi is authenticated to your Google Voice account, and not to a particular phone number on that account.  The OBi will use whichever GV phone number that is designated on your GV account as "primary".

Porting happens in stages.  First, your ported-in number will start working as the caller ID for outbound calls.  Then, usually around the 24-hour mark, inbound calls made to your ported-in number will get moved over to your new carrier's (GV's) inbound switch.  Don't panic if this takes a bit longer (into the next day).

When you have an existing GV number, and you subsequently port in a second number, after that port is truly completed, then the ported-in number becomes primary.  The first number, if it came from Google's pool, goes on "death row" for 90 days, to allow users time to let their contacts know about their new inbound number.  During that 90-day period, you can optionally pay another $20 fee to keep the first number as a permanent number.  IF you do that, then both numbers become permanent, and both will receive inbound calls and ring your OBi.  The number you designate as "primary" will be used as caller ID for all outbound calls.  You can flip the two numbers between primary and secondary mode at will, for free, as often as you wish, on your GV phone settings page.

If you don't want to keep the GV-supplied phone number then don't pay the second $20 fee, and just let it disappear on the 91st day.

Special case:  if your first number was also a port-in, it would automatically be made permanent, with no need to pay another $20, since you already did that when you ported it in.  This doesn't apply in your particular case, but I'm just noting this for other readers.


Thanks much Steve in WA,

Sounds like my ported in number will automatically be supported on the Obi phone #1 I have been using without me making any changes to my Obi profile information.  I do not care about the initial Google voice provided number it can die whenever or in 90 days.

I have not received an email from GV yet saying port complete and when I sign in to GV it just says port in progress.  Thanks for not making me less nervous as 24 hours has just passed - don't want to loose my precious old landline number.

If this works well I intend to port in my other remaining land line in similar fashion using "phone 2" on ibi 202. But I may just forego the temporary GV number and start a GV port as soon as I get number ported to the ATT mobile GoPhone.  I assume I just will then need to set up "phone 2" in my Obi control panel and assign the separate GV account to that.

Thanks again for you explanation.


Great - glad to help.

Some comments on your reply:  if the port is still in "in process" status on Friday, post over on the Google Voice forum so we can have Google take a look at it for you.  There is a ton of automation behind the porting process, that will automatically detect and escalate problem ports, so you may see it magically complete in the next 24-48 hours, but if not, don't be shy.

RE:  your next port, you didn't mention this specifically, so I'll just note that you need to create a separate, new Google / Gmail account, then log into GV and begin the procedure to port in your second number.  There's no need to first obtain a number from Google's pool; just select the option to port in your mobile number.  You must also have some other, previously unused forwarding number to assign to that account when you initiate the port; you can't re-use the forwarding number from the first GV account.