Service provider with advanced functionality

Started by Zopa, March 25, 2015, 11:04:57 AM

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I'm enjoying my Obi10xx phones, but I need to find a VoIP provider that would support the advanced functionality I require. Specifically for the needs of a small, but advanced, office, I need to be able to to have BLF (Busy Line Field) and/or SCA/SLA (Shared Call/Line Appearance).

Essentially, I need to replicate the functionality that was always there with analog phones. Older, analog, business phone systems would have BLF (a bunch of lighted buttons, one per each line in the office, indicating the line is free (green) or busy (amber), and allowing anyone (or authorized people) to pick up ANY free line and/or barge in on the conversation in progress). This is something that OB10xx phones support, but it requires correspondent support from a provider.

I also need ability to page/intercom the phones in the office.

I was looking at Anveo, but they just told me they don't support BLF and SCA, and would also have trouble with intercom.

Can someone recommend a provider that supports this functionality?